Saturday, December 26, 2009

My World

Is the album sold here already? Because I seriously want the GOLDEN TICKET, right now.
After watching the music video of "One Less Lonely Girl", which is currently stuck in my head now & "One time" , I feel totally determined to get it. OH PLEASE TELL ME I'M GONNA GET IT. Or at least, PLEASE TELL ME NO ONE HAS FOUND IT YET. D:


Today mom brought me for a shopping spree. I had loads of fun. It totally made my day actually. There's this really cool shop near Damansara Uptown which sells such nice clothes. I was happy with what I chose just now. Then, mom drove up to One Utama. It was crowded, as usual. But for the sake of shopping, a girl gotta do what a girl gotta do. Lol. So, we just walked around random clothes shop & did some shopping spree. Oh how I love shopping spree! Anyway, now I'm just oh-so-tired. Oh ya, guess who I met at One Utama? First it was Pn Suhafna! Then, it was Ira Marlina. Haven't seen that girl 3 years already! My junior from ssp :'). Hmm. Next was, this junior. Hehehehe.

Finally watched GLEE episode 9-11. Episode 12 & 13 are waiting for me. But I guess I'm gonna watch it tomorrow. Not in the mood now. I'm so tired. Heh.

On Monday & Tuesday, spent two nights sleeping over at Ili's house. Now how cool is that? I haven't seen her for MONTHS. I miss her. Hahaha. Anyway, we were working up on our little project. Played the guitar from morning till night. Obviously there were breaks in between, lol! I think I can play simple chords now. Just need a little bit of practice. And I'm gonna learn how to play "Give Love A Try" by Nick Jonas/Joe Jonas. They have two versions actually. One is sang by Nick and the other one by Joe. So I guess the next time I go to Ili's, or she's coming over, we're gonna work on our little project. Cause we were just practicing the other day & we ended up laughing so it didn't work out. Lol.

Speaking of all this, I had the BEST christmas present ever(eventhough I don't celebrate it), from this certain someone, whom I will just have to say THANK YOU SO MUCHHH, YOU'RE THE BEST PERSON EVER! Because seriously that person is just so thoughtful & eventhough it was just a short of time, or maybe something not real, at least he still was thoughtful to make me happy! And I totally understand even if it's not real, or real, it was just SO AWESOME! :D. I'm really really happy! Dah lah during the eve of PMR result. Lol.

Alright, bye!

ONE LESS LONELY GIRL by Justin Bieber is stuck in my head now :D


nadiah ka said...

what exactly did that jin guy give you ??

Farah Aiman said...

siapa lelaki tu helinna? eheeeem XD