Thursday, November 01, 2007

Drama was soo fun! Ahhh...I feel like doing it again with my baktians :D. Come baktians, lets do it again! This time will be US as the audience. Heheheh. Well I had orchestra practice and it ended like 2 but me and ira were very worried if they start at about 2 cause we weren't sure about the time. I had to change my clothes at the backstage as time was running out. Got shocked when eli told me to play the to zanarkand song. So yeah, I had just a lil time to practice cause zoe and jess wanted to practice too.
Our drama was played after recess. LOVE ALL THE SCENES...and PROPS. Since me, eli, saba did it. xDDD. Last minute dowh! Well, I just can't believe my part wasn't INNOCENT! Hahahahaha. Seriouslyy! Hahahaha navina lawak. "kritikal! kritikal!" LOLS. Well I really think we did a really great job la =D. And love the piano part! =)). Kays, thts all. Bubbyes!~

Signing out,
~Kit Kat~

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