Monday, November 05, 2007

I LOVE OUR DANCING CLOTHES :D. Yes, and who got the idea? ME of course! Hahahaha. After all those practices that we done, we did contribute something to the class right? I mean those final moments being with ur class, at least u do something good for it. We didn't win though but I know that we were quite good only that some parts we forgot our steps xP. Especially me. Gaahhh. Gomen, ne guys! ><" . No but seriously I had fun. Lols when we went up the stage it was like so scary cause we practiced only for 3 days? And to actually finished all those steps ++ practicing it ++ thinking about clothes, steps, etc? It was also my first time dancing on the stage. Before this, I never have done it before. After experiencing this one moment of dancing on the stage, I feel like doing it again! :P . Though maybe I dun really have the perfect moves but so what? I will eventually learn it sooner or later and get the hang of it. And also I actually really am interested in dancing. Cause when u dance, u will feel this happy feeling like when u get your candy. Hahahaha im blabbing.
1A was the best la I think. Cause they were unique. Cool gila la they dance. Ummm lol i guess I'll go now. BYE.

signing out,
~kit kat neko~

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