Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm back in action :D
Yesterday I didn't post anything as I was tired and exhausted
After being at eli's house
Doing the 1 bakti movie <3!
The movie is like a slideshow of all of us xDD~!
I'm not sure what song she's gonna put...
Maybe its the school of rock song.
Oh well, I can't wait to see it xDDDD
It's going to be a memoir for us!
For surreeeee~~
I just hope it can't be played in windows media player.
Yeah so anyways, that was about the movie.
Now, I'm going to talk about something else.
2morrow is the last day for us.
I'm really really going to miss my classs!
1 year with them then suddenly POOF.
Another year comes and u shift class.
Well umm another thing is that my japan trip is coming baybeh! :D
Yess, I am really looking forward to it.
I can't waaaaiittt!
Lolsss....i have no idea what to write here.
Oh yaaaa...I'm currently addicted to ORANGE RANGE
Actually it has always been my fav.
But sometimes new songs appear and I'll lost interest for sure xP.
But now the fever has come back!
I looooovveeee their soooonggss xDDDDD.
Yes and umm the KAMI songs are my current fav TOO!
And my love <33!
And and that utada hikaru & shiina ringo song xDDDDD.
Okay umm before I start talking crappy stuffs.
I think I better stop.
Okay, if I'm not lazy I'll post something 2morrow.
OMG of course I am going to post something 2morrow!
Big daaayyy whaaattt!
Kk, bubbyeee <3

[ himitsu neko x) ]

P/S : loving my new phone xD~

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