Friday, November 09, 2007

Current mood : hyper!

I feel soo fresh today x) . As in happy & cheerful! Cause cause I feel like it xP. Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaaarr <33!>last week with my dearie classmates next week. Aww man. I will miss it very much! Here's some credits to THEM...

~ ira for lending me mangas x) ! thank youuu ira!! really love all your manga! and also for joining orchestra with me ^^!
~ wen li for drawing cute cute bishoujos! thanks for giving me one of those wen li!
~ su yue for being an anime fan ^^! be an anime lover all the way dudeee~
~ navina for her afro hair xDD! your hair rocks veryy much! and also for being the genius in the class. ngeekkk!
~ renia for all her fantastic "garang" actings for every play :D . ahahah.
~ shalu for sitting infront of me and entertaining me whenever im bored!
~ farahin for being the fantastic KD of the class...haha alwayz marah sini sana LOLS juz kidding. and also for sitting beside me for the whoooole year :D . and also for being my partner in korean/japanese dramas =))! THEY rock like TO-TA-LLY!
~ eli for being my neighbour =) . and also for loving PIXIE POP xDDDD!
~ saba for being blurrr! x) .
~ lidiya for making me laugh for the whole year =DD! your laughter is the medicine, girl!
~ alya for her weird perangai =) but at the same time caring perangai =)!
~ fifi for her loudspeaker voice. LOL.
~ denee for alwayz being annoying ^^ . lol. annoy us mooooreee :D! will miss it soon.......=(
~ najiha for always talking to me. we always talk about MANY things >.O;!
~ munirah for watching all those fabulous korean dramas that I TOO love.
~ shuma for being innocent & quiet =]
~ karlmun for lending me that book xP. and also for being the helpful AJK KH.
~ hana for knowing how to shuffle ><"!
~ ain for lovin cats just like ME! and for buying warriors :DDDD.......++ for also lending me agent angel throughout the year xP! stay as a CAT LOVER ALL THE WAY? =) !
~ farah for her unpredictable attitude. sometimes smily sometimes serious xP.
~ fara for being the sort-of twin to farah. LOLS!
~ Naj for her smily wiley smile x)

thank you 1B for being there for me in the year of 2007 ! (: I will cherish all those moments we had together :D.
P/S : We only have 2 more days till school hols =( .... cherish those moments , people!

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