Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hello everyone :D ! I just realized that I have not been posting anything lately. ><" . Hahahah well I guess that's cause I've been watching J & K drama here (: . By the way, yesterday I watched this movie called 'stardust' . It wasn't actually planned but just yesterday night my parents were up for it! x)) . My sis didn't follow though. -_- . But maybe just one of these days I'll be watching 'enchanted' with her. YIPPEEEE XDD! As for yesterday's movie, it was awesoomee :DDDD. How I looveee adventure & fantasy storiess! It's actually something like narnia? Okaayy not really but its SOMETHING like it. So overall, I had fun yesterday nite! :DD. Okay so bubbye!!!

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