Sunday, November 18, 2007

Today? Hmm, nothing much I suppose. I didn't go anywhere. Was just at home online-ing, watching tv, etc? Oh yea, I did cleaned up my closet actually :P . My sister made me do it though. *thinking*
OH YES! AHA. Well today I read fullmoon :D. Just finished reading volume 1. I know I'm slow but sometimes when you read manga, u must have the mood actually. Hehe. So tomorrow, I'm gonna continue volume 2 ! Yeaayyy~
Oh craaapp. Ohhhh CRAAAAPPP. Now I remembered something. Crap Crap Craap! I haven't finished my leftover homework! (no no not school work! something else ><") . Oh gosshhh. I guess I better go now. Byebye <3

Signing out,

P/S : Just when I thought I would take my own sweet time blogging......SOMETHING popped out. *sigh*.

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