Friday, November 23, 2007

Mmm....yummy grapes! I'm eating it right now ;) . Anyways, I am soo thrill to know about my *********** censored censored censored. Sorry, its extremely private. If you wanna know, don't hesitate to come and ask. That's it ! I'm going to watch coffee prince right after I finished the Hana Kimi [ jap version ] . And I'm going to readd all those mangas that are still incomplete~ Okaayyy now lets talk about something else! YES. I KNOW. Lets talk about candies =) . Candies are yummy, don't you think soo? I've created something fuuuunn! And this will be revealed soon. Its something related to candy. Ahahahaha. Okayy umm gtg now actually. So tata pals!

lotsa luv from,
~the green candy~


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