Sunday, November 11, 2007

*cough cough*
just now was soo tiring xD
but at the same time,
it was fun! (:
went to the mall with my family~
had a great time there...
bought few *stuffs* there....
umm i am not going to reveal what it is here xP.
anyways, i am thinking about my trip to japan x)) !
soo thrill about it!
yes but at the same time...
I am also thinking about other stuffs :DD
for instance, 2morrow's activities in school....
our report card day.....
our next year's class??....
and and and
its due this thurs.
im scaaareeeddd.
well, im going to practice the whole day 2morrow after school xDDD.
lets occupy my time with some MUSIC!
so um yeah thts all for today :D
will be posting some more!

[ himitsu neko x) ]

P/S : Really happy that most of my frens now are using blogspot :D ! thanks to mua =) ~

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