Saturday, November 10, 2007

Nyaaarr xDD!
Lagu kami rocks <3!>
Currently addicted to it (:
And also my love by justin timberlake!
Just dun say i ketinggalan zaman cause seriously, this addict fever has just started!
Now now, 2morrow is sab's party....
Or makan2 or wtv function it is....
The theme is either black ; pink ; white....
I have no idea what am I gonna wear >_<; !
Should I wear black && white?
Or should I wear pink & white?
I think i'll just make up my mind later la -.-'
Anyways, ummm....
Well, I can't wait for school to start xDD!
Missin them loads~
Yea and I know its like the last week but
Its not like were leaving school.
We're just going to different paths.
Thats all !
No biggie deal rite? :)
I'm going to leave my class with a big smile! :D
Cause u know why?
I am very very very PROUD to be in that class! x)

P/S : Cumi is adorably cutee! <3>

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