Thursday, November 15, 2007

Yesterday was the day! It was the "Open Day". Well I know I should have posted it yesterday but the comp keeps on turning off [because of the wire]. Can't blame it though. So in the end didn't have the mood write. Eheheh. And I was actually BUSY reading "Kitchen Princess" <33!>PIXIE POP 3 <333] . The ending rocks :DDD. I love ryouta && nazuna! I was really looking forward to their story more than mayu & amamiya's . Oh yea and in that volume, there's this character which suddenly appeared out of nowhere. YUUKI <3!!!>
Right. I have written down a paragraph which I wrote about PIXIE POP and KITCHEN PRINCESS. *sigh* . When will this yesterday's story gonna finish? Lol. Okay lets start again so yeah yesterday went to school. Got my report card. And I got to know my next year's class. Well I got 2C. Err quite satisfied la. Cause most of my fwens are going there. Ira's going there :D . And some other peeps. And I'm missing my class already =( . *sigh* . I will always remember this class! It was the best :D .
Now, lets talk about today. I had orchestra practice. Umm correction. Orchestra TEST. Teacher came 30 mins late but we didn't mind xDD. Cause boleh practice lama lagi la :D . So yeaahh. Ummm to shorten my post, I actually passed the test. Glad its over. K then thats all for today. Byebye!

me xD .

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