Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sunday i woke up.
The first thought was 'Today's the day'~
Got ready around 11ish.
Cause takut some came early or sumn.
Soo, the first who came was ain. and eli.
Ain, eli, lids, alya, najiha, su yue came.
We ate. Then went upstairs.
Guess what we all were actually doing upstairs?
Eli laaa and alya and lids.
I wasn't in the mood for camwhore cause i was always interrupted by something.
Can't whine though.
I WAS the host.
After few HOURS, navina came.
Ira couldn't come =(.
Omg speaking of ira, i haven't read your manga ira =P.
No time lorr.
So yeaah, mostly what we did was play talk camwhore CUMI?! LOLLIPOPS!
Tibe2 je lollipops.
xDDDDD anyways, I had a great time though!
Thanks for coming dear fwens =D

[ h i m i t s u n e k o x) ]


kitty lover (yeaayy ira didnt mind giving me the title)

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