Friday, October 26, 2007

From now onwards...I'm gonna use *dots* as in . << this symbol like most of the time! xDDDDDDD. Yesss, something stupid and worthless to accomplish. Hahahahaha. I still remember in 2005, I always type dots kat msn. Its just sooo fun to write dots after every single words or sentences mcm banyak2 kali! Seriously people, ITS FUN =). Sooo.....try it ya?
Tomorrow is the orchestra farewell party. Oh right, more food! Hahaha. Just when I thought I wanted to continue with my puasa 6 and there goes some occasion popping out suddenly. Hehehe. But nevermind though, my mates are gonna be there =DDDD.
3 more weeks till school year end! It's quite sad though. I got hooked up with 1B since january and I have to leave it soon. But those memories are memoriable to me and hence, it will not be forgotten. Omg, after reading my recent sentence, I sounded emo? Eww. And I hate being emo!! Bubbly, cheerful, and happy-go-lucky are my thing!!! Ya la but sometimes we must understand that there are unhappy moments where we tend to get emo and all sad and stuffs. Can't blame yourself for sounding soo unhappy or sad or whatever thats related to emo? Human beings have feelings! So does cats =) . CATS <33. Lol. My current name would be kitty lover // himitsu neko =DDDDD. And I hope ira can accept to give me the title 'kitty lover' cause that was her title last time. ^^. Haaaiihhh..........everyone's not replying me =( ! Maybe alya is busy but nad??? HOW CAN SHE be BUSY? Maybe myspace has made everyone hooked up with it. has been years already and people don't get bored with it...Myspacemyspacemyspacemyspace~~I love my page <3. Lols tiba2 je. Wtv. I'm so boreeeddd. Lids can't go online anymore. I mean, its past 10 already? Oh man, was busy watching project runway sampai I forgot that THEY we're gonna come online. So yeaah uhhh who else? Oh yes, AIN! Where is she??? She SHOULD be online cause everytime I mean everynight she'll be on. And so does najiha!!! =(( Boooo I'm all alone and no one seems to reply me back. Probably busy. But I'm still not satisfied with nad not replying me! How could sheeee~!! (uh nad, if youre reading this.......don't really mind me) . Lol im saying hi to her again. Anywaayss, probably shes suffering from some emo situation? I dunnnooo. She can be grumpy at timess. Yea lets cut the craap. The purpose I wrote this blog is because......uhhh.....what was it again??? WOW. I totally forgot. *ugghh nad's not replying me agaaainn! she didn't say hi bacckk. JAHAT BETUL!*....yea sooo uh where was I? Oh right.....I forgot what I write so yeaaahh I'm gonna sign out after reading this EVERY CRAP? Ughhh this is soooo saaddd! Why do I always write crap stuffs? Who caresss! Its my bloggie and I shall do wtv I want =). That felt better. Kay before I start crapping AGAIN, bye shall end this!

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