Friday, August 20, 2010

Wondering In My Own Thoughts

I am going to start back writing in my dull blog.

But this time,
this time I will be the only one reading it.
The main reason why I decided to private this blog was because I realized that I did not want the whole world to read about my life.
I want it to be kept to myself.
A blog is like a journal.
A journal is where you write your daily stuff.
Your daily stuff should just be between you and yourself.
Any dissatisfaction or happiness that revolved around you could be shared but in my opinion, not when I write it down in my blog.
I could always tell stories of hope.
I could always nudge the people that I love while playing a prank with them at the playground.
I could do whatever it takes to make them understand in my own words.
But I find it just a bit too impossible because for now I want to keep my veil thoughts.
Until then, cheers !

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