Monday, August 23, 2010

Best Friend

Before you know it, things will get a little better for you. :)

I find myself living in a world where my mind gets so narrow whenever I get hit by a hurricane. It's not wrong for someone to actually act recklessly at times because when your heart is having splinters, all that matters is to let the pain go away. No matter what kind of moves you make yourself do.

So on Saturday, I cleared it up with my best friend. I asked her whether I was still her best friend or not. It took me just a few minutes asking, to hear the confession that she had made. Finally, when she told me that 'Yes, I was one of her best friends in the world' , I couldn't help but feel a huge burden beyond me slowly eradicating. I learned that she still remembers me as her best friend though we're in different classes now. It makes my heart a little warmer because I thought it was no longer that way, our friendship. So right now I am just so content having my best friend around me during hardship and happy moments. :)

Being jealous about something tells you that you care so much and nothing can come between anything that you're jealous about. It shows you that if you take something for granted, this is how you are going to feel once it vanishes from your life. It is like a reminder for you to treat others just like how you want others to treat you. And I finally understood why sometimes I find myself living in a dark world. It is because I am feeling this jealousy feeling that could bring me at loss. My emotions often disturbed.

yours truly,

p/s: might be sleeping over at ira's house on friday. hope mum and dad won't mind. :)

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