Sunday, February 25, 2007

Today I had a kenduri at ezryn's place! =). It was really fun!!! Ahahaha I still remembered when the part where ili said something so funny that I laughed quietly. But I really couldn't stand it. So in end, we made a little noise. Then after a while zaimah came ^^. Luckily I remembered to ask her about the japanese homework!! Then we chatted quietly since there was a little ceramah going on. After everything is done, we ate =D. I only ate cupcakes tho. Didn't felt really hungry. The icing + marshmallow was really sweet. And it was flower shape. How I wish it was a bunny shape ^^ ! Omg I'm in love with bunnies & lollipops <3333.><". And then suddenly ili put her cupcake which she had a few bites, into ezryn's plate. Then she put on mine. And I put into zaimah's. Lol. Sryyy zaimaahh! ><". In the end she threw it away I think. Lol.

Okay after that we watched something which is SCARIEE. I think I should watch again to cure my scardness. And I'm not even sure if watching it again can cure your scardness or not =.=". Well, I wasn't really near the screen. Zaimah & her brother was. I was beside zaimah. And there was this one part, all of us terkejut and we all screamed like mad. I can hear myself xDD. And I think I was the loudest. Ahahahah. Kesian zaimah's brother. But that thing was scarieee like hell! I regret watching it. But not really xDD. Then after that zaimah had to go home =(. Alarr. In the night, we played piano. The three of us ; ili, ezzie & meeee! We played a piece. Everything went all huru-hara at first. But later on, it was like a real melody ^^. After a few mins, we had dinner! More food! LOL. So yeah we ate, then we played a bit of piano & then TRUTH OR DARE we played. =). At about 9.30, ili's mom came and I tumpang her. So her mom sent me home and YUPP, I'm here doing this xDD. Okiee gtg byebye! I don't think I can go online 2morrow =(. Nawww. Cause I can only use in the weekends. And this is a promise rule made by me ><". Cause reaaalllyyy I am sooo obsess with the pc. Okie laa byebye!

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