Sunday, February 25, 2007

Yesterday, me & everyone went out =). Except for ame. She didn't cause she got an exam on that sunday. And whoever HAVE exams on sunday? =.=" . Well anyways, we went out to eat dinner! We ate at a restaurant called ' The Little Italian Kitchen. ' It looks really nice. The restaurant. The set up was like WOW. Whoever is the owner really has a very INTERESTING brain. Yes and so, I ordered a lasagnia. Beef lasagnia. Actually while I was looking at the menu, me & my sis berpakat to take the lasagnia =). And I only drank warm water cause the weather outside was breezy & cold. Moreover it was drizzling a bit. So when the lasagnia came, this was my reaction =O! And my face was like that for a few minutes. Then I started eating. And yummyyy! It was delicious. It was veriee richh! And creammyyyy :DD. Yummm. But after eating only A QUARTER, I felt so blechhh. -.-' . I felt kinda sick cause that thing is really rich man! And sooo creamy. My glass went empty after that cause I eat the lasagnia then drink some water then eat then drink. So the other ummm....leftover lasagnia, my sis finished it all. She was going reaaaalllyyy fast. And I was like WOW. -.-' . My sis really like all these italian food.

After eating, me and MY OTHER sis, take pictures together :DD. I love it when we do this ^^. So after taking pics, we went straight to our car and my OTHER sis went out to buy some kentucky fried chicken for her & her friends since their always studying together? I oso dunno. So yeah, she went and buy with my sis (the other one) too, following her. After that, we went somewhere to look for postcards for my sis presentation. And in the car she was practicing her Nihon language. And I couldnt understand anything except for watashiwa and a few more others. xDD. Yah so after that we sent my sis back to her asrama and we went back home =). What a nice gathering it was!~

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