Thursday, February 22, 2007

Yes! My sejarah tinggal a bit more onii xDD. I am soo happy. ^^. Hmphh! I can't believe i missed princess hours first ep yesterdaayyy! I didn't know they were gonna show it yesterdaayy. And besides, yesterday the paper man didn't send any paper. =.=" what laaaa!! But nevermiiind! Cause today I will make sure I won't miss the 2nd ep! I am waiting for bleach to load in youtube. Can't wait to watch xD. I lovee the ending song. Thank god they changed it. I love ROUND TABLE ft Nino <3333. These are one of my favourites:-

* Beautiful
* Be Your Girl
* Puzzle
* Let Me Be With You

Currently I like Be Your Girl. It's nicee & catchy. I'm in love with these four songss ^^. Why?

1) Because the tune for beautiful is really niiicee. And it makes me calm.
2) Because be my girl is catchyy! I am always hyperrr xDD.
3) Puzzle rocks because it's catchy too. But not only that! I loveee the melodyy of it.
4) Let Me Be With You sounds sweet. Even the title sounds sweet. And i love chobits ^^.

^^. Okay then I think the bleach finished upload already. So toodles!

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