Friday, February 23, 2007

Omg. Yesterday I watched Princess Hours 2nd episode at 8tv and it was chinese dub!! Gross. It sucks. Shin's voice sounded so weird. And chae-gyung, her voice was extremely squeaky! Ughh. But anyways I'm just gonna watch. For fun. Recently I don't really watch the television cause there's nothing much on it now. Now what I watch is only ANIMES! On the comp. I have to catch up with bleach! If only I didn't stop at the soul society part for so long, I wouldn't have been left behind. Currently on episode 93. It's about bountous. And those are fillers. I know it's quite a waste of time watching the fillers. But my most favourite phrase is 'I don't wanna miss anything cause anything is like everything'. So doesn't that mean I am also gonna set an example just like that phrase? Lol. Oh ya, I'm watching nodame cantabile too! It's about musical instruments & orchestra & conducting. It really is very interesting. Currently I stopped at episode 5. I'm gonna watch episode 6 later xDD.

Let's use this colour ^^. Lol. A while ago, while I was chatting with ili, I remembered about ssp sport's day! =D. So I blurt about it and she was like oh yess! And we seemed very excited about it ^^. UNTIL...I remembered about orchestra practice! I'm not sure if there is gonna be an orchestra practice on that day but what if there is?!?! I may not be able to go to ssp sports day...I know I can always skip orchestra practice but it's important! Very important! I just hope that there will not be an orchestra practice...if there is, then let's just see what happens. But wtv it is, I MUST go to ssp sports day! Umm, I think I'll make a move now ^^.

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