Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nyaann!! I finished my bi,geo & agama =DD. I feel sooo good right now!! But I still have sejarah & japanese. -sob-. But nemind cause helinna can do it! Ganbatte ne helinna ^^. Lol. Erks. I'm having a bit of a headache cause I've been doing the geo homework from morn to noon. Teacher gave us objectif & subjectif. I don't mind about the objectif cause its veriee easy xDD. BUT goshh! o.o I had to measure the distant and stuffs with my ruler like a billion times (well not really..just making it more dramatic xDD). And that makes me more dizzier. But now I'm fine after listening to my favourite songs ^^. Umm..oh yess! Zaimah helped me to do the background thingyy xDD! And not just the background thingy but also the chatbox thingy ^^. She helped me a lot for this blogger thingy. So, THANK YOUU ZAIMAAHHH :DDD.

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