Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today, I had orchestra practice. It went out fine. At least I have banana with me =). And also eisyah. She came slightly later while we were having our practice. The thing that I am not happy about today is that, I LOST A PIECE OF PAPER. And that piece of paper is super important! I wrote important stuffs about violin notes in there. I am so gonna get screwed. -.-' . Darn laa!! If only I wasn't too dreamy, I wouldn't have throw it away. Silly me. =(. All I can do is to wait for monday and ask eishah for that paper and I'll recopy it back ^^. Simple job. =). I hope she won't forget to bring it.
Okay, bm is quite hard! Komsas especially. I am very blur in that topic. And there's like tons of words I dun understand! -.-' . I always need the kamus to check those words. Kamus rocks when you have problems with your bm. Kamus is my hero for bm <33. And dictionary for english. Those two are like the most useful things if u have problems with your bm & english. Even maths. And science. Okie, gtg, byees!

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