Monday, July 16, 2007

It has been so long since I've logged into my acc. >< . Now, I'm going to start writing. Today, we had a drama play. The title was ' The Pencil ' . I was the naughty boy. So sad. I thought of becoming the teacher. More cuuunn the acting =). Teehee. Well, actually the drama played by all of the groups, were very funny. xDDD. The class was filled with laughter almost half of the time. It was fun.

After recess, my classmates coincidently found a kitty inside the grill thingy (I'm not sure what it is). It was meow-ing so cutely when we all were getting close to see what happened. And then, that was the time when the kitty actually got scared so it fell down the thingy and got stucked inside it. Everyone was like 'Omg, it fell! It's stuck'!!! So I quickly got there and pushed the thingy and guess what, the kitty was saved. It got to the other side and ran away to the exit door. And some of my friends were screaming because the kitty ran as fast like the thunders. It got into some of their sarungs. Hahaha. And the students who were passing by outside the corridor also ran away. The block in the school was practically filled with screams.

And so, I was very happy after saving the kitty's life =) .

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