Thursday, July 19, 2007

I must start watching bleach! I can;t just stop halfway. Currently the episodes they are airing are interesting. So what I thought was, after exam, I'll straightaway start back the episode I'm watching (which is currently hanging). Here are the list of anime/drama I'm watching xD :-

1) Bleach
2) Hana Kimi - Taiwan version
3) Devil beside you
4) Seto no Hanayome
6) Tree of Heaven

Yeah, I think those are it. But for tree of heaven, actually I know the ending already but it was dub in chinese so I thought of watching the episode 9 & 10 in crunchyroll (which will be in Korean & Japanese) =) . Well, will write again 2morrow if I have the chance to xDDD. Tataaa

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