Saturday, August 04, 2007

Nothing much happened this week. Just finished my exams yesterday. xD . I'm not sure whether I'll get fantastic marks. Cause I think I did my mid-term much more better than this august test. Ughh...I just hope I can get A...Anyways, I'm currently addicted playing the piano. I'm learning a song called ' To Zanarkand' . It's a song from FF10~ Next week, my piano teacher is going to bring the score sheets and we'll learn that song xDDD. Nyaaarrr, so can't wait! I only learn a quarter of it from my sis.
There's going to be 1 litre of tears on tv later =D. Since engine finished last week. They replaced it to that. But it's such a sad story. But nevermind, I'm still gonna watch it though. Oh yea, I'm starting back my story in a new book. And there'll be changes. I'm gonna start it later. Okay then. I'm gonna sign out!


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