Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Today was....soo weird xD! Very very weird! But quite adventurous at the same time. Anyway, just now sivik was fun. I've always liked sivik. Its like for sivik, teacher always do interesting activities with are just very creative and fun.

Exam is coming...must read sejarah! (its a must~). Chapter 7 & 8 are coming out. Naww, dah la chapter 7 is long. =( . I haven't even started reading a thing. Gaahhh. I must start by this week!!! Omg, that reminds me.... I HAVEN'T COPY OUT THE TIMETABLE FOR THE EXAM!! Ohkaaayyy I must do that by 2morrow!!~~

I love watching 'devil beside you'! It's such a nice drama. =) . I just started episode 1. Maybe I'll watch episode 2 on friday or 2morrow. xDDD. Teeheee. I dunno what to write about today. So I think I'll stop for now...

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