Wednesday, November 25, 2009



New Moon 's coming out tomorrow & I am finally feeling the adrenaline rush. GO ME!

I can't wait to see, *coughtaylorlautnercough*. My piano teacher told me that her sister, who lives in the U.S. told her that when she watched New Moon, all the girls in the cinema SCREAMED like so loudly when Jacob went shirtless. HAHA.

What happened to edward, eyhhh? Edward the oh-so-HOT-looking-vampire-boyriend.
I guess he didn't appear much , just maybe until the Volturi parts. But he did appear once in a while, or maybe more than what we might expect when Bella starts hallucinating, no?

Volturis, Warewolf pack, JACOBBBB, edward, alice, bella, and the whole twilight cast, just you wait for the princess to come!

twilight fan girl,
-twens :D

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