Saturday, June 13, 2009

7th of June

7th of June :)

Hey. So, the wedding on sunday was great! I absolutely love the food, haha. Anyway, met my lil' new niece again. I don't know why but I wasn't allowed to hold her. My dad forbid my cousin to let me hold her. Sad,right? But in the end, I did get to hold her for 3 minutes. Hehehe! Oh and her name is Ariana! A beautiful baby with a beautiful name. Hehe. She is more cuter than Renes'mee that's for sure! :D . She even stared at me for so long I wonder if she was thinking about something. She was even smiling! Hellooo, for a few months old baby, how can she actually smile to ME???? Probably because I was wearing the fancy headband that ain gave. Lol.

Fantasy- Land , come back !

So I guess my fantasy land days are going to be over soon enough. School days are coming up, that means back to reality. Ughhh. Yes, homework(s) piling up, back to study mode, waking up early in the morning & preparation for the musical night. We've been having practices ever since the second week of holidays. Anyway, this was what happened during practice yesterday :-

me : ohhh snap! farhana, can u help me with my G-string please? it's kinda loose. *showing off my violin's G-string*
han : dudee! eww that's gross!
me : OH HAHAHAHAHAHA *laughing laughing*, okay.. umm, my violin's G-string?
han : hahahahaha, ok ok.

HAHAHA. I tend to always say MY G-string which refers to another meaning. LOL.

Anyway, practice went well. We have two new songs already & we are kind of mastering it now. :). So, good to know that we're heading to the climax where we will be combining with the other teams which are the drama team & the choir team. Hopefully, it will be a memorable musical and people will recognize us then.

Oh & did you know that the new Jonas Brothers album are out NOW?! The album 'lines, vines & trying times'!!! I'm not sure about it but when Izarra & I we're heading to new wing in ou, we saw the posters hanging up at speedy & few other music shops. Well, maybe their just posters telling that it's gonna come out soon, right? But I dunno.. when I saw the posters, it said out now! It's hard to believe because in the us, it's going to come out only on the 16th of June. Well, whatever, I just like the front cover of the album :) . They look so cool, lol. Oh, and I've been waiting for 'paranoid' to be played on the radio ever since i listened to it which was last saturday. It's one of my fav! I haven't really hear the full version of the others except for 'fly with me' which is also awesome! Hehe x3.

Anyway, Hannah Montana the movie was so touchy! There was this one part I could feel that my eyes were watery. Lol. I love 'the climb'! I think my teacher is writing it up so might be playing it on the piano soon. Speaking of pianos, I have to work up on my scales! I suck in minor scales. Well, can't blame me because minor keys are usually scary and I hate to play scary scales. Lol. Major is hippy & that's why, I'm quite okay with it. For sight reading, I tend to get kinda nervous so I just need to stay calm & relax. And there's another new one called sight-singing. Hahaha. This one, really need a serious work up! My exam is in July! Well, just now during music class, my teacher saw 'madworld', the one sang by i-dunno-who but adam lambert sang it for idol so yeah, she played & do you know how perfect her sight-reading is? She was playing it so perfectly it suddenly give me inspiration. Haha. So I tried it just now and it worked out well. Just that there's so many flats.

I'm gonna try learning guitar from youtube after the major exam. I just need to memorize some of the chords & learn how to strum properly. With that, I can play other songs like ... kiss me by sixpence none the richer. I've been wanting to play that ever since, I dunno when :P.

Anyway, gtg & run now. I'm hungry.
Till then,

yours truly,

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