Monday, May 04, 2009

Looking Good :)

And I'm B.I.A ! Nothing much to write about. I'm really bored right now. You know what? I haven't finish my sejarah folio yet. DANG! I've been doing it since god knows when but here it's not finished yet. *sighhh*. I think I wanna finished it up like today so that I'll have time to do other stuffs.

Soo, I think I'm gonna change my blogskin. It looks so dull and boring. I knew i'd get bored with it. And I think I'm gonna start updating my blog since it looks so dead. And untouched. Haha. The last post was about DAVID ARCHULETA SHOWCASE PERFORMANCE <3. Hahahaha SO, I was watching this episode of Hannah Montana where David Archuleta made a guest appearance like OH-MY-GOD *gaaasppp*. He was cute, as usual. ;) There was this scene where Hannah felt bad for cancelling her date to go to Prom as an exchange of her wanting to chill out with David Archuleta at the studio. So in the end, she felt awfully bad doing that and she called David to cancel out their supposedly plan together. And David Archuleta was kind of shocked so he asked reasons and before Hannah could give them, he started answering them for Hannah ;

ohhh nooo! when I called u thought I was david cook?

*talking to hannah montana*


Well, I only watched a bit. Thennn umm, oh yea, I heard david's going to tour with demi lovato!!! :O

Enough of that. Let's get to something else :P. Let's get to today's topic. During maths, renia was trying to figure out when my birthday is. Yeah, dia dah lupa -_-. So she kept on saying july something. Lol. And when I gave her that look, she'll start all over saying july something -__-. Hahahahaha. Lawakk ohh. First we went to go see nadiah and she wasn't sure. On the way coming down the stairs, she asked sofea but she couldn't remember. So we walked past block C and on the phone booth was navina dialling up her parents. Renia asked her and she didn't get it right too. We kept on walking and walking and at the gate near the guard house came farahin. She was walking towards us. So renia asked her when my birthday was and FINALLY, the birthday date was revealed :D. Aww, mmg kawan sejati! <3

So peeps, just remember your good friends birthdays okay. It won't hurt much to just note it down in your diary. All humans forget and as a solution, note it down somewhere ;). I still love you, Renia .. no worries xD!

catch up with ya later , peeps :)

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