Saturday, January 16, 2010

Senior Year '10

Hey there,

The first week of school was really interesting , I must say. I am absolutely happy that I am sitting in class between my two sayangs, Azalea & Nina!
About the hardcore subjects, I'm trying as best as I could to understand and hopefully, excel in it. But for now, I'm just taking it slowly. Hehe. Last year wasn't a torture. It taught me something. Being the good girl that I am, I finish up my homework in time everyday.
Co-curicular activities starts next week! I'm excited for Orchestra all over again. 3 years with that club totally made me fell in love with it. All I need to do now is just to drag in Nina & Azalea into the senior group. Not just that, I'm also excited for the Production Club. It's a whole new club which just formed this year. Maybe this club will give me the benefits too! Gahhh, I'm so upset about the swimming club. I was one of those number 60 and above people who signed up. Guess that's why they totally kicked me out from there. What was more upsetting was, I was there for the AGM meeting. ):
Other than that, about my video on youtube, IT REACHED 301 VIEWS today. And I think a few hours ago, it was 281. Dayumnnn, first of all I'm gonna have to thank AZALEA for posting it on everyone's wall in facebook. You almost gave me a heart attack out there :S. But I accepted it & oh goddd, thank you so much ! Next, I would like to thank the sisters ! I guess they promoted it to theyre friends too :). Thirdly, I wanna thank all those people who've watched it, commented on it, rated it, subscribed us, PROMOTED IT & been giving A LOT of support!!! You make the video shine, hehehe. Thanks for the the compliment & everything :). 2nd song could be out anytime soon, so watch out.

I can't wait for American Idol Season 9 Audition in Dallas (: . Someone , will be the guest judge & I'm excited xD!

helinna :)

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