Saturday, September 04, 2010

Camp Rock 2 - The Final Jam

Nate singing 'Introducing Me' to Dana :)

Shane and Mitchie look different, don't you think?

Most of you might be aware that I am a HUGE camp rock fan. Thanks to my neighbour eli, I watched the whole movie on the internet. She gave me a link where I could watch it. What was upsetting, I watched it at a really bad timing (tuition was starting in another half an hours time). I had to stopped mid-way to promptly go to tuition. It sucked because my favourite part (A Nate and Dana scene) was played right after I had to pause it. Nonetheless, I came back home with full of determination to watch the whole thing until the end. Unfortunately for me, the internet was not being nice at all. I got a tad bit mad with it. Ugh. It stopped loading right after Nate sang 'Introducing Me' to Dana. Suck balls, I might have to point out. In the midst of waiting, I talked to Elizabeth on Twitter. It was delightful having to share thoughts about your interest with an understanding friend who loves what you like too. I rambled on and on about how cute Nate and Dana were with her. It seriously boost up my level of likeness towards the Jonas Brothers. Ever since Demi dated Joe, my feelings towards Joe sort of perished. Maybe it was because I was too heartbroken to even start back again. Anyhow, I still love them. All of them. Not just Joe, for the record. Everyone did a good job in Camp Rock 2! Especially Chloe Bridges who played Dana. She and Nate had a sort of complicated love bonding. Nate was shy while Dana wanted to learn more about him. It was completely upsetting for Nate because he couldn't tell his personal details to a random girl whom he just met. It was.. too hard. As a solution to that, Jason gave him the idea of singing a song to Dana. He thought the idea was a brilliant one and started composing. The part where he sang 'Introducing Me' to Dana sort of took my breath away. Haha! He looked so frigging cute whilst Dana seemed very touched. I think that was one of my favourite part.

As for the main couple Shane and Mitchie, there was a slight change in their appearance. Not that it was a bad thing or anything but, I find that they've grown so matured. Nonetheless, it did not really interrupt the moments they had together. In front of my eyes, I still do see them as Shane and Mitchie. This love couple on screen still is my favourite couple ever since camp rock was born. The storyline might have diverted a bit where Mitchie became a leader and thus, does not really spend time with Shane that much. Consequently, Shane was a bit pissed at her. But since this is a disney movie, all were good after a few heart felt moment. I am serious, Shane is just such a sweetheart in the movie. If I would to have a boyfriend like Shane, I would be the most happiest girl on Earth. But at last, that does not come easily. Haha! What I like most about Shane and Mitchie are, whenever they start to sing together, their collaborations are awesome! My favourite songs by them in the movie would be 'Wouldn't Change A Thing', 'You're My Favourite Song' and some other songs which.. I forgot the title. Besides that, I think Joe looked really hot in the movie. I still prefer his looks in the first one though but this..this is a change. And sheepishly, I am still in love. Haha! As for Demi, I just love all her outfits. Mostly she wore dresses during the summer camp. A cardigan and a dress were her signature outfit in the movie.

Other than that, I love the dance moves! Camp Star reminded me of Glee for a tiny winy second. Moreover, the opponent team had a remarkably grand stage that can make a person awed by it. I love their songs too, to be honest. All in all, I love this camp rock 2. I do love the first one too because that was when I actually know the Jonas Brothers. Haha! Will watch it again and again because it was definitely one enjoyable movie!

Oh and I think Camp Rock 2 has more singing + DANCING scenes. Camp Rock 1 had a steady plot but this, this was a brand new start for them to come back to camp after a year.

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