Thursday, January 01, 2009

I have found a pretty good classical piano piece :)

Prelude, no 1 in C major - Johann Sebastian Bach

Its such a calming & relaxing piece. And so beautiful. It all happened yesterday when I woke up from my short nap. I was all still dizzy & sleepy. But couldn't continue my nap because I dunno why. So I decided to play the piano instead. And just suddenly, a piece of song was in my mind. At first, it was all like not clear. I started recalling and humming it back over and over again to identify what song it was. And , "AHAH! It must be prelude something. Cause I've heard it before from the classical cd (my mom's) ". After that, I quickly grabbed this piano book I bought from ira's music school :P. Oh boy, I havent even started playing any songs from there with the guidance from my teacher. She's been all busy with my piano piece, scales, sight-reading. Kinda annoying. And scary. Especially when I sometimes don't practice my scales :s . Anyway, I checked the front page of the book where they put all the songs title in there. And I saw quite a number of preludes. About 4-5. I went on with the first prelude of course. Haha. And then, started playing. Hahahaha. Like sight-reading. OH MY GOD. And can you believe it? That was it! That was the piece I have been humming when I woke up from my nap! And shockingly , my playing wasn't tht bad either :P. It was my first time plying that song! My hand just moved along and my eyes & brain started working on the sight-reading pretty good. And I felt the music! Hahahaha!

Okay stop crapping & continue back gossip girl :) .

P/S : Yesterday was great :) . I saw the JB's ON SCREEN. HAHA! well, only for just 30
minutes -.- .

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