Sunday, January 04, 2009

I thought I lost my pencil box just nw! I was searching for it like a crazy person -.- . went up and down, up and down and finally, I felt like fainting. UGH, nooo. I'm sickk :( . When I thought I'm not anymore cause yesterday after eating 2 pils of panadols, I was back to normal. But just suddenly at night, I felt eerie cold. Like I was outside in the snow, haha. The good thing when you're sick is tht u'll have to wear a sweater/jacket/hoodie etc to keep you warm. And I just love wearing my hoodie at home :). It looks soo fashionable. HAHA. Speaking of fashion, I have this sudden interest & like towards fashion :). Not tht I wasn't before but now I'm absolutely in love with it. Thanks to Gossip Girl, I just love all of Blair Waldorf's clothes. It looks so fancy & pretty on her. She usually wears a dress (or long baju?!) , with long tights and and its soo prettyyy! Anyway, I'm bummed cause I haven't finished watching season 2 yet :( . I wonder when can I ever continue back *sigh*. And I think blair and chuck makes a good couple :). Hahahaha. Definitely not nate. eww. lols.
BY THE WAY, I did found my pencil box. HAHAHA. That was what I wanted to write actually. Hahahahaha. My pencil box was apparently in some red basket o.o . HAHA. Alhamdulillah :). If not, I'd be penless HAHAHAHA, ._. . Alrite, guess thts it. ciaoo, ppl :) .
~love, hensnaaaa x)~
P/S : I didn't know my mom likes one of the jonas brother's song... hahahaha.

frens, see you tomorrow :). hmm, I'm kinda scared :/ && I hope I'll recover by tomorrow... :( . or at least feel much more better & won't faint during assembly :/ .


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