Tuesday, September 16, 2008

School today

Okay so guess what during KH, we were doing electronic drawing. And teacher was teaching us about the differences between skematic and pictures. Yeah. Basically, its something like that. So anyhow, Emily surprised me by saying that she likes Taylor ___. Okay I'm not sure what he's real name is but then he acts in shark boy and lava girl. And he plays as Jacob Black in the movie.

Oh yea and then umm.... I wanted to tell her something about the uhh maybe something u can call it as schoolwork. xD. But because of certain reasons I couldn't really explain it to her. So what I did was, I changed most of them to other characters. XD. It was so hilarious!

helinna : I have to tell you something!
emily : what???
helinna : err... i dun think so I can tell you now. It's not safe :S.
emily : umm okay call it as bibidibabadiboo or something (:
helinna : good idea. I'll change all the people into other characters then.


helinna : so yesterday, bibidibabadiboo called me and talked about cinderella. and I didn't know what to do so I just had to dress up cinderella together with her. then today, mrs s said to me that I have to dress up cinderella together with her & her group which consists of her, mrs p, the witch, and the wardrobe! and I didn't know what exactly to do. Because :-

1) I didn't bring cinderella's make-up, dress, accessories.
2) I didn't know anything about it!
3) And I dun wanna be stuck with bibidibabadiboo since the beast is going back home!

Okay, when I said it, it rhymed with something I forgot. So me and Emily started laughing like mad. haha, only she and some other people understand this thing. :S.

The seni thing was really a last minute thing! But then, we managed to do it together. hehe :D. yeaayy!

And and i got a distinction for my practical piano! YEAYY :D. 130. That's really a surprisee xD. Teacher Rose gave me the exam result just now. (: (: (:

Thats it I guess. I wanna read Eclipse now.... probably... alright byee!

~hens~ <3

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