Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Yesterday, I went to PJ Hilton wih my sister (amelia) to watch my other sister's Music Guild Award. I wore the black dress :D. We came like 2 sharp and when we wanted to enter the Ballroom, all the candidates who received award were already like lining up (some of them wearing the graduation robe) together with the Professors. Hahaha. It was really like woaahhh. So we actually went inside after the introduction sadly.
Well, surprise surprise, we had to sit at the back since all the sits infront were occupied. I texted my piano teacher (teacher rose) and she was sitting in the middle. Anyways, the event started of with performances. It wasn't really that grand or anything. Some were just okay. I really like the guitar & piano performance by this guy. He got so many awards! Guitar, drums, piano, theory. I think he got around like 5 awards? Coooool. Anyways, his performance were really good. The others were just okay.
Then, the award thingy started. I was surprised to see my senior was there too. She received an award too. For theory grade 2 I think. Yeaah. Then, before my sister took her award, I had to quickly stand infront so tht I could take her picture. When it came to my sister's turn, she looked like some snow white princess. ROFL. Hahahaha. I was laughing when I took her picture receiving her award. Hahahaha. Oh yeah and my sister actually received award for the "highest achievement for practical grade 7 for electric organ" .
Anyways, after the award thingy, we went and watch NARNIA Prince Caspian :D. The movie was nice!!! :) .


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