Friday, November 28, 2008


271108 ! - TWILIGHT :D

The movie was AWESOME! It was SUPERB :DDD! Well, first of all, I reached OU at about 10. And no one was there yet. Izarra & Billa got a ride from nad. So what I did was, I sat on one of the benches at the old wing and read izarra's breaking dawn :) . I read it like for an hour since they haven't reached yet.
Then, KRING KRING, it was azalea who phoned. She suddenly screamed at me saying that she doesn't know where she is. Lol. And she asked me to go to MPH. So from old wing, I had to go to the new wing. We couldn't find any single PRIVATE novels there. o.o .
At about 11 something, they arrived (nad, billa, izarra). They were at TGV. We had to patah balik to old wing again. I mean I had to patah balik again. Ahahah. And we saw the big twilight poster there :D. I did past by tgv but didn't perasan it was there. Hehehe.
Then went to popular. Azalea & Izarra bought one of the private novels.
Next stop was BURGER KING. We had to rush to makan i tell youu. Because the movie was in about 30 mins more or something like tht. So we gobbled up our food :D.
Okay so then we went to TGV!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeaa, finally :D.
Twilight was awesome :D:D:D. Me, billa & izarra were like nudging each other. And the first part where edward came out, O.O , yes tht was exactly my expression. And everyone in the cinema, well practically every girls were screaming & squealing including us. Well, my reaction was slow because I was mesmerized by edward's hotness o.o . The others, Izarra, Nabilah, Nadiah, Azalea were squealing toooo! Ahahahahahaha. And I think I had to wipe my specks like 5 times because it got all steamy and blurryyy. Ahahahahaha. When the first time Jacob appeared, everyone started laughing. Even us :D. Ahahahahahaha. He looked REALLY funny with those long hair. Ahahahahahahah. And when carlisle came, everyone was like "WOAAHH". He looked so white & kinda handsome. Rosalie was pretty. And I thought she wasn't because when I first saw nikki reed as rosalie in a picture somewhere, she didn't look that pretty. But she was pretty in the movie. And Alice first appearance at the cullen's was kinda cool :D. Jasper was cute too. hahahahaha. Whenever it comes to his part, most of the audience will laugh. Because he looked like he was in pain. Esme was okay too and she really was like a caring mom. So in conclusion, the cullens were great :D :D :D.
My favourite part would be the baseball scene, cafeteria scene, biology lab, edward's hse, forest, ballet scene. :D. Well, practically EVERYTHING :D :D :D.
And when the movie ended, everyone clapped (: . And some said "WOOHOO"! And this girl sitting two seats away from me shouted "ROBERT!!!" during the credits. Hmm??? Who was that girl??? Well, who else but AZALEA! Ahahahahahahahah. Me, izr, nad, billa were like "shhhh! azaleaa o.o".
OKAY so the movie was great. awesome. an applause. superb.
Oh and did I mention that Edward Cullen looked so HOT in the movie!!!! *jaws drop* *squeeaaalss*. !!! Well, yes totally he did! Robert did a great job acting as edward :D :D :D. YEAYY :D. I am still stunned by his HOTNESS O.O . *squeaaaalsss agaainn*!!!!!!!!
Alrite alrite, I'm back hahahahaha. Well, besides the movie, I also LOVE the twilight soundtrack :D :D :D :D :D :D . I loooveee everyyy song in the soundtrack!!! Bella's lullaby by carter burwell made me melt, Into the twilight by Perry Farrell made me all jumpy, Supermassive Black Hole by Muse fitted well. Same goes to Mute Math. And Robert Pattinson's song was okay too :D. Clair De Lune by Debussy was absolutely SWEET <3. I wanna play the full version on the piano ^^. And for the rest like Paramore - I Caught Myself and Linkin Park - Leave Out All The Rest were my fav too. It went out well ,the soundtrack :D. Oh oh! And not to forget the flightless bird song by iron and wine. :D. That song is soo sweeet :).
Ohkaaay so back to OUR story (: .
We went to the photo booth after that. We took photos twice. It was fuunnn. Eventhough we were pushing each other to get our faces in the camera :) . It was fun though.
So in conclusion, that day was VERY tiring & fun!
Love you azalea, izarra, nadiah, nabilah :D. Thanks for the wonderful day! And thanks for coming to the so called "2c outing".Ahahahahaha. You guys are the BEST <3!

I'm tired alreadyyy. But I will be blogging again soon. Or later.
Bye bye! :D

signing out,
hens <3 edward cullen! ^^

P/S : Izarra, thank you so much for lending me breaking dawn!!! You're the besstt :D. I'll take care of it, dun worry!


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